Jalapeño Powder 1kg

 Jalapeno, Capsicum annuum, is widely considered to be the most recognized chile in the US. Pronounced “ha lay pain yo”, this chile is native to Mexico where it is known as “cuaresmenos” (meaning Lenten chile), “chile gordo” (fat chile) and “huachinango” (a specific cultivar of jalapeno that is red in color). Its named after the town of Xalapa (sometimes spelled as Jalapa) in the Mexican state of Veracruz.



it has a strong spicy aroma and an intense flavour of green jalapeno chilli peppers, can be used in most Mexican themed dishes, homemade salsa, meat rubs seasoning blends, marinades, or try lightly sprinkled over nachos and melted cheese.


Achiote is the main ingredient to prepare Traditional Mexican dishes such as Achiote Chicken or Cochinita Pibil, the spicy pork dish, so popular in Mexico, or tomarinate meat for the world famous Tacos Al Pastor.

It is also a key ingredient in the drink tascalate from Chiapas, Mexico. Other people use a hint of achiote to colour (yellow) other dishes such as tamales or sauces.

RECIPES Use this powder to add a vibrant natural red-orange color to food or as a base to prepare achiote paste.


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