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Salsa Extra Picante Habanero Kutbil-ik El Yucateco de 120 ml

This recipe comes from the culinary traditions of the ancient Mayan civilization, hence the name “Kutbil-Ik” Mayan word meaning “crushed chili”.


One of the hottest chiles in the world, the green habanero is at least 50 times hotter than the jalapeño. They have a distinctively sweet, tropical fruity flavor and an apricot aroma.



Habanero chile peppers mix especially well with foods containing tropical fruits or tomatoes.

They are traditionally used to add sizzle to Caribbean barbecues, salsas, marinades, and bottled condiments.

Chop and add sparingly to sauces, pickles, dips or use as a table spice.



Use it on top of your tacos, salads and stwes for a spicy kick! Here is one recipe to get you started.

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Beef tacos

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