Jalapeño Nacho


The crisp, juicy flesh offers a powerful bite, despite its relatively low heat scale rating. When green, jalapeños offer a distinctive vegetable flavor; when ripe and red, their flavor is slightly sweeter. Scoville units: 5 (2500-5000).


Jalapeno chile peppers can be served fresh, cooked or pickled.

Add diced fresh jalapeno to cornbread, couscous, chili, sauteed corn and beans, even sweet desserts such as an apple dutch baby.

Pickle peppers with garlic, salt, spices and vinegar.

Halve peppers, stuff with cheese and bake.

Combine diced jalapeno with green tomatoes, garlic, sugar, spices and cook down into jam.

Use them for nachos, tortas, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs or to accompany meats for an extra kick in flavour. Don’t forget to have some water near you!!

Dice peppers and add to chopped fresh tomatoes and cilantro for salsa.

Jalapeno may be added to a variety of dishes for a mild heat.