Chiles verdes enteros 340g Las Palmas
Las Palmas® Whole Green Chiles are an essental part of the Mexican kitchen. Deskinned and ready to eat, whole green chiles are key ingredients in many Mexican specialty dishes, and an absolute must for chile rellenos.

Its unique sour flavor has overtones of coriander with a consistent deep subtle heat. Scoville units: 5-6 (5,000-10,000)


Mostly used to flavor salsas, sauces, chili, stews, and soups, green chillies may be ground to make a table salsa.

Blend with olive oil, garlic, and salt to make a marinade for poultry and pork.

They are commonly found canned in salsa verde, a mixture of spices,green tomatoes, onions, and vinegar.


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