Ricaleta Chamoy Lollipop 20g

Ricaleta Chamoy Lollipop 20g


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Chamoy lollipop filled with chilli chamoy paste

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Ricaleta Chamoy Lollipop 20g

Chamoy lollipop filled with chilli chamoy paste.

When we say candy, we mean sweets: chocolate, caramel and sugar everywhere! But when it comes to Mexican candy, things are different and not exactly sweet – and this is exactly what makes it so popular.

There are sweet candies in Mexico too, but traditionally, Mexican candy is spicy and salty. And there is also Tamarind, the most popular ingredient, which is a fruit extract, very versatile, with zesty flavor that works wonders with sweetness and spiciness alike.

And then we cover anything with chilli: sweet lollipops, fruit, popcorn etc. This lollipop is one of them: On the outside it looks like an apple tofee candie, with that hard sweet cover but once you bite, the full chamoy powder comes to blow your taste buds. The mix of sweet, sour and spicy is simply sensational, you must try.






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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 4 cm


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