Aji Rocoto Pepper Paste 230gr

Aji Rocoto Pepper Paste 230gr


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Aji Rocoto Pepper Paste 230gr

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Aji Rocoto Pepper Paste 230gr

These Peruvian peppers are used in an assortment of unique and incredible Peruvian recipes. Aji Rocoto is used to make ceviche and the popular Peruvian

Peppers have been cultivated in Peru for 1000s of years. They find their way into all aspects of Andean cooking. From the mild, flavorful aji amarillo to the smoky, gentle heat of aji panca. Aji rocoto, known as “uchu” in Quechua, differs from these peppers in a key way – these peppers are hot – 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville units. If you are looking to recreate the fiery red salsa, Crema de Rocoto, that commonly appears on Peruvian tables, especially with roast chicken (pollo a la brasa), Goya’s Red Hot Pepper Paste is the key. Add some spice to stews and sauces. This paste will also help to recreate dishes like lomo saltado, papas doradas and anticuchos. A handy paste to have in the kitchen as it can replace the flavor of fresh hot chili peppers in dishes.


Lomo Saltado


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